Run mapache Greedy

Run mapache Greedy 1.0.4

Raccoon - the most amazing animal.

Raccoon - the most amazing animal.

Raccoon - the most amazing animal. Our hero - the greedy raccoon in the woods. He went to travel in search of gold coins and adventure. In the forest, many dangers, sharp spikes, bottomless abyss and deep rivers. Greedy raccoon need to be careful and he needs your help to become the most wealthy and happy raccoon in the world. He fears nothing, he is strong and greedy. Too many gold coins in the woods to sit back paws. Forward. At a meeting of joy and happiness. And do not forget about the gold.

Greedy Raccoon Run is a funny adventure, which will bring you joy and happiness.

Believe me, you will get totally hooked on it. Just tap on screen for jump.

Sweet and kind graphics and warm subtle colors to help you relax and get the most pleasurable sensations.

Now even Rock music and pause function to gain strength before new records.

? Features ?

- Amazing cartoon graphics and warm subtle colors.

- It will bring you joy and make you happy.

- Funny studio sounds.

- Rock tracks accompany you in the adventures.

- Make double jump for best results.

- Collect the coins.

- Now there is a pause to rest before new records.

- New unusual experience.

Run mapache Greedy


Run mapache Greedy 1.0.4